Structure of Little Athletics

Little Athletics Australia

Little Athletics WA are affiliated with Little Athletics Australia who are the national organising body.

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Little Athletics Western Australia

The control and direction of the Little Athletics movement in the State is vested in the Board of Management.
The Chairman and four Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association by votes from affiliated Centres.  Two Directors are appointed by the Board to address specific requirements of the Association.

Little Athletics WA Constitution.


The Centre is the body that organises and conducts the weekly competitions for all athletes. If the Centre does not have clubs, they will also organise training.  Each Centre has an elected Committee of Management that is responsible for the administration and conduct of the Centre’s affairs. Centres design their own program and timetable each week, co-ordinate the activities of voluntary workers, register members with the State Association, ensure all details of equipment, recording. finance, promotions etc are arranged, conduct regular meetings etc.


The Club is the smallest administrative unit in the Little Athletics movement. Each Club forms a part of and is tied to a particular Centre. Some Centres are stand alone, whereby all activities are organised by the Centre.  Other Centres are organised into clubs who conduct training and keep members informed of any events that are being held.  Clubs meet at their Centre for weekly competition.  The Little Athletics Club usually has a small management committee selected from parents within the Club.

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