Sport is an important part of our community and helps shape the daily lives of all of us.  But what is equally important is the way everyone conducts themselves and the example being set for young people.

The LAWA policies and codes of conduct ensure that young people develop good sporting behaviours and have an enjoyable experience of sport.  The encourages them to not only remain active throughout their lives, but to develop into happy, confident adults able to participate in their community and life in general.  The Codes of Conduct provide the basis for fair play for young people and encourage fun, friends and safe environments.

LAWA Policies:

Behaviour/Codes of Conduct

Member Protection Policy

Terms & Conditions 2019-20

Refund Policy

Heat and Hydration Guidelines

LAA’s Extreme Weather Policy applies to LAWA events.



Concussion Recognition Tool

LAWA Board Governance Charter

True Sport supports local sporting clubs and associations to use eight values to share the benefits of sport and recreation to our whole community.

True Sport’s eight values should be part of everyday life both on and off the track and field. By embracing these values teams, clubs, participants and officials can work together to create fun, fair and safe environments for one and all to participate in sporting activities


Every Club Hub – Safe Sporting Environments

Changing the Game Project

Play by the Rules – Making sport inclusive, safe and fair

Conduct & behaviour

Taking images or video of children at sporting events.

Member Protection Information Officer Course