Know your Community

For Centre and club committees, understanding your community can assist the development of your Centre or club – engage with other groups, promote what you have to offer, tap into resources, provide new opportunities for people in your community.

Do you know who is in your Community?

Read 5 ways the census is gold for your community group:

LAWA has done some of the work for you – Demographic Summary for Centres

Where are LAWA Centres on Clubs – on Google maps – Who/what else is around you?

Promotion and Engagement with your Community:

Build on Existing Assets – Discover, map and connect the capacities, passions, resources and relationships in your community:

Asset Based Community Development – How to engage with the assets and capacities in your local community.


“Every community that is getting stronger has at its centre an effort to build up a wider circle of people who choose to take action for the common good.”  Mike Green

“If you want to go faster, go alone.  If you want to go further, go together” African proverb.

Be Welcoming:

Centres and clubs become a hub and key social spaces, which contribute to the development of your community.

Individuals each have a role to play in creating an inclusive environment, by being willing participants in the group’s processes, and by creating a warm and friendly environment for all members, regardless of ability and backgrounds.

Orient new people around your facilities and introduce yourself and others to them.

The role of the Welcoming Officer(s) is to make new and potential members, volunteers, and their networks feel welcome at the Club and to support them to learn the ropes and settle in.

Welcoming Officer Role Description

Welcome Sign in different languages


Many organisations focus on attracting new members and forget about retaining and valuing the members they currently have.

The most important marketing plan is to develop a plan with strategies to improve the basic services the club presently provides.

Ask for feedback from your members or conduct a survey – Survey Monkey is fairly cheap and easy to use for online surveys,

What is working well – do more of that!  Would could be done better?

Inclusiveness embraces diversity:

Communicate with groups in your Community eg. Multicultural support groups, Aboriginal groups, schools …

Invite diverse groups to a targeted “Come & Try” or Community Fun Day,

Provide an activity or information display at their community event,

If language is a barrier, is there someone at your club who can be a point of contact for a particular group?

Does the group have particular needs which you could help to accommodate?


Promoting your Centre or Club in your community – tips and ideas for engaging in your local community

Visit our Diversity & Inclusion page for more information on welcoming and including diverse groups in your community.

More resources for Welcoming Everyone

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Working with Local Government – Including Local Government Club Development Officers

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