Centre and Club Executive members are encouraged to Explore the links below for information and tips on running your club or Centre.  Included are links to external sites, such as The Department of Sport’s ‘Every Club” website which contains comprehensive information on running your club or Centre.


Orientation and Training:

New management committee members need to be welcomed and know how the Centre/Club operates and what is expected of them.

Orientation should include:

  1. Job description so that volunteers know what they should be doing and what might be expected of new volunteers,
  2. Strategic plan so that anyone who is new can find out exactly what the future priorities are,
  3. Policies and procedures manual so that volunteers know how everything should be done,
  4. Constitution,
  5. Codes of conduct.

Top tip: Make up a file containing important information relevant to each role.



Position descriptions (Every Club):

More position descriptions (Club Help)

Sports Community offer online training courses.

Appoint a Welcome Officer

Succession Planning

Succession planning is vital to the continuity of your club.  If the workload falls to only one or two people, the quality of the club can quickly decline when those people leave.Succession planning within a committee is about planning for when members currently holding key positions or important skills move on or are no longer available.

Top tips:

        • Start recruitment discussions 6-12 months prior to the AGM,
        • Have new volunteers shadow longer term volunteers with a view to taking over when they leave.
        • Sub-Committees can be set up by the Centre or Club committee to assist with specific tasks. These may be permanent, e.g. Finance Committee, or Occasional/Working groups, e.g. Constitution review or special event planning.

    • Meeting Guidelines
    • Finances

Volunteer Police Checks

Funding workshop notes

Grant writing tips

Australian Sports Foundation Fundraising

Coles Resources

Seeking & Servicing a Sponsor



Registrars information

ResultsHQ/ Timing Solutions Support


Information for Parents



Every Club Hub

Club help

Sport Aus

Sports Community

True sport Supports clubs to promote and explain the core values of sport

Play by the Rules – Making Sport Inclusive, safe and fair.



If you require further information or advice, please contact LAWA Member Services.


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