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Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation

Little Athletics WA Centres and clubs have been holding fundraising days to donate to the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation for more than 20 years.  Over that time, LAWA Members have donated in excess of $300,000. Funds raised help support PCHF’s Artist in Residence Program to provide activities for children in hospital who are unable to participate in our sport.

Click on this link to view “Happy While Healing”, just some of the great work PCHF undertakes with children in hospital.  The video which was put together by the Artist in Residence at PCH Steven Aiton who provided animation workshops with patients at Perth Children’s Hospital over a period of 10 months from July 2018 to April 2019.

The motto is “KIDS HELPING KIDS”.

Little Athletics Centres hold an annual fundraising day, traditionally in November,where activities range from novelty races, dress up days and sausage sizzles, as well as shaking tins for members to contribute to on competition day.  Centres and club may also fundraise at other times throughout the season.

In 2019/20, Little Athletics Centres, Clubs and families donated $9,247.66 to Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Each year, recognition is given to the Centre raising the most money per member:

2006/07     Dale

2007/08     Dale

2008/09     Dale

2009/10      Dale

2010/11     Bayswater

2011/12     Bayswater

2012/13     Bayswater

2013/14     Bayswater

2014/15     Bayswater

2015/16     Bayswater

2016/17     Bayswater

2017/18     Kingsway

2018/19     Bayswater

   2019/20  Bunbury