Coles Award winners for October

We are excited to announce our Coles award winners for October:

  • Athlete of the month – Commitment: Marco Bongers (Gosnells LAC),
  • Athlete of the month – Achievement – Georgia Whitelaw (Albany LAC),
  • Volunteer of the month – Nathan Kelly (Cockburn LAC).

A big thankyou to Coles who have provided each winner with a $50 Coles gift card.  Monthly winners from each category are in the running to win a $500 Coles gift card in March!

Marco Bongers from Gosnells LAC is an under 11 in his 5th year of athletics.  His endless support for others while waiting at an event or a good game of hand ball in between events, are more than inspiring as he entertains the group making sure everyone has a good time.

Marco has never received a placing or a ribbon, never received a medal, and for the past 4 years never passed Walks events.  He has kept going even though the judges were tough…until a couple of Saturdays age where he was not DQ’ed for the first time, still not placing, but he passed!! What an achievement!

It has been a hard road for Marco, but he stays one of the most committed, humble and empathetic people around.  His three sisters have shoe boxes full of trophies and medals, but on the drive home Marco is the one who says “what events do I do next week?”  “I look forward to seeing my friends again”.  He has great friendships at Little Athletics and has been embraced by some of the boys in his age group who look past his mild special needs.

His bottomless energy and positivity is contagious and definitely worth recognising!  A big congratulations to Marco who’s commitment will seen him awarded with a certificate and $50 Coles gift card.

Congratulations also to the runners up: Ethan Powell (Cockburn), Ben O’Sullivan (Hamersley) and Alana Gregory (UWA).


Georgia Whitelaw from Abany LAC has not rested during the Winter break.  She has continued to practice running and compete in competitions.  She went to the State Cross Country event in Perth and came 12th out of 333 girls.  From there she was invited to try out for the State team next year.  Georgia also won the Denmark 2km kids dash last month.

Georgia came 2nd in the 5km Park to point run in Albany and also won the 4km Cross Country Championships run for females.

All of these are great achievements for an under 11 country girl.  She loves to run and is committed to improving her times each week.  Congratulations to Georgia who last weekend was presented with a $50 Coles gift card by the Manager of Coles Albany, Adam.

Congratulations also to the runners up: Zoe Daby (Cockburn), Jasper Scaife (Ridgewood) and Ilse Bongers (Gosnells).


Nathan Kelly is an integral part of the Jandakot Flyers committee.  While officially the Team Manager, he goes above and beyond his call of duty by taking on multiple roles for the betterment of the club and Cockburn Centre.

At club level Nathan can be relied upon to volunteer for anything from being our go to IT man, stepping in as assistant coach, purchasing equipment, sourcing uniforms or administering first aid – all of which he has done during the month of October – in addition to his own role.

In addition to this, Nathan has taken on the role of Centre Records and Ranking Officer.  He has quickly picked up this challenging and time consuming role and handled any difficulties or inquiries promptly and with great concern for achieving fairness for all involved.  In the midst of this, Nathan continues to consistently chaperone groups and help out on side during Centre competitions.  Wile he takes a chair to Santich Park, he rarely has the opportunity to sit on it!

Nathan does all this to benefit our Little Athletes and he does it with a smile and with little complaint.  He is friendly, respectful and approachable at all times, making him well liked by parents and children alike.  Nathan is worth his weight in gold and Cockburn we lucky to have him as part of the Flyers and CLAC family.

Congratulations also to the runners up; they are do an amazing job, making for a very difficult final decision:

Sandra Robertson who has done so much promoting Albany LAC, organising uniforms and volunteering at training and competitions,

Kirsty Timms who has launched the Tiny Tots program and taken on a leadership role at Ridgewood LAC, despite significant personal challenges.

David Mulhall who is the President of Glendale LAC, coaches every week and has taken on the starter role at Hamersley LAC and is often the first to arrive and the last to leave. He is always positive, helpful and encouraging to athletes and families.

Phil Hynes is at UWA at 6am on competition days and stays until everything is packed up again at around 12pm.  He steps in to fill gaps on site and assists parent to make sure they are comfortable with rules, along with assisting at training and anything else that needs doing.  He is always encouraging to the athletes and is a great ambassador for the sport.